ASTRO offers many great user benefits, including:

  • Quick access to files on mobile or desktop devices and in the cloud using aggregated search.
  • Easy content management —wherever it lives.
  • Instant back up and access to files anywhere in the cloud—all from one application.
  • Easy content transfer from one cloud to another with Cloud-Hopping™ technology.

Content Management

Easily copy and move files between cloud platforms with Metago’s Cloud-Hopping™ technology with ASTRO.

  1. Choose the cloud platform you want to copy files from
  2. Visit the cloud platform you want to copy files to
  3. Paste the copied files with Cloud-Hopping™ in ASTRO

It’s that simple!

Aggregated Search

With data spread out across multiple devices and platforms, content management can sometimes be tricky. ASTRO makes it easy to search for documents, pictures, videos and more in all locations at once—getting you what you need quickly and easily.

Advanced Search

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? With ASTRO’s advanced search features, you can filter for location, name, size, date and more.



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